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Choose any of the 10 games on the proposed site and enjoy a game of checkers online directly from the browser on your computer. Simple rules of the game will not let you get bored. By the way the game Checkers develop intelligence and thinking in children and adults, so they can be safely called educational games.

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Classic checkers with the present rules of the game: Take necessary to beat more checkers, Kings can go to any number of cells.

GO online

Go simple online game that you can play against the computer or with a friend for two, the simple rules of the game in which even beginners will understand ...


A special place in a variety of Flash games presented on the network, take checkers. Russian Checkers are the most popular and in demand among residents of Russia and CIS countries.


The game uses a standard field for a game of checkers 8 × 8. Playing on black diagonal cells in the initial position of each enemy by 12 pieces, arranged in 3 rows. Here, the first course for the black chips.


Flash game " Chinese Checkers "- free browser game, which is not inferior to their real desktop counterparts. You can play against a computer program, or against real opponents, whichever you prefer.


Japanese checkers (Guo) - tactical game for two people. In Guo played on a rectangular field with painted at intervals of equal length horizontal and vertical lines.

Over the network

Checkers On the web - one of the oldest in the world of intellectual and sporting games, born, according to archaeologists and historians, before our era.

Game giveaway

The name "giveaway" speaks for itself: the winner in this game is the one who was able to quickly and accurately "succumb" to the enemy and get rid of all the figures. Such games have and maps, and chess.

For two

One of the most popular in the virtual world of flash games have become checkers on Two , first mentioned in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

With a computer

In our time, when the computer is not the last place in life, the game - the main entertainment and children and adults. Someone prefers to lay out the map, kill monsters, or play checkers with the computer .


International drafts - a version of the board game. It got its spread in France in the 18th century, there is another name of "Polish checkers." Because of this, many consider it the birthplace of Poland, which is slightly incorrect.

The game Chapaev

Just remember the children's board game in Chapaev, which in turn schelbany for stray pieces of the enemy. Flash version of the game is not far removed from its desktop counterpart. Only become more convenient, because of click here do not have to search for bombs all over the room.

Rules of the game of checkers

   Rules of the game of checkers , common to all its variants, remember simple. Delude simple not worth it. This intellectual game opens up space for the realization of complex strategic decisions.

   Checkers - black (dark) and white (light) chips - are placed on the board. Outwardly, it resembles chess. The field consists of light and dark cells which alternate with each other. Rules of the game is meant 2-x rivals.

   Checkers are placed on opposite sides of the board in parallel rows. Figures are put through a cell (usually black boxes). Rules of the game of checkers suggest two types of motion chips: quiet running and fight.

   Simple checker when the latter with respect to the horizontal player becomes a king. Terms end of the game: the opponent is not able to walk, his figures are eaten

   Simple checkers according to the rules of international and Russian versions of the game are moving the same way: on the diagonal 1 field forward (right or left).

   Battle - the ability to eat an opponent's piece - is carried out in all directions: also allowed to move back. Terms of committing the shock stroke: the opponent's checker is on an adjacent square, and the field immediately after it is free.

   Bruised pieces removed from the board is not in the fight, and after its completion. According to the rules it is impossible to avoid: not allowed to make a quiet move, when you can take the opponent's piece.

   King moves freely: for any number of squares diagonally. It does not matter how many cells should block the enemy. King takes a chip, for which there is one or more free fields. According to the rules of the game, she gets up at any square after taking the checkers.

   During the course of the shock is allowed to capture more than one opponent's checkers. However, the rules prohibit jump token several times. If a player commits this mistake, move stops (usually Turkish strike).

   Rules of international and Russian checkers different : the size of the playing field, the initial number of figures, rules of becoming a king. For Russian checkers used a square board of 64 fields, according to international rules - stokletochnoe field. In the first case, the initial position of the players on the simple chip 12 in the second - 20.

   According to international rules , a simple feature becomes a king at the end of the course on the farthest towards the player horizontally. Checker is simple if the fight continues after crossing the field. Taking shape as a king with the next chip allowed after conversion speed.