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Japanese Checkers

     Japanese checkers (Guo) - tactical game for two people. In Guo played on a rectangular field with painted at intervals of equal length horizontal and vertical lines. Average playing field has a size of 19 × 19 lines, and planes are smaller 13 × 13 and 9 × 9.
     There are special chips in the form of lenticular lenses of contrasting colors (black and white, blue and red, and so on). Real desktop counterparts flash games are also called stones. Standard kit includes a 361 chip, respectively, 180 and 181 stones bright dark stone.
     They play in pairs: one player - white and the other black. Here, according to tradition the first move of the black (and therefore one more chips). Then perform the moves in turn. Making a move, a player puts a chip in the intersection of lines (point). Checkers, which are already on the board to move the smoking, but they can be captured and removed from it.
     Each piece must be near at least one free item horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally). Stones may form a group. If one piece or a whole group of stones is completely surrounded by the enemy, it is considered that it is taken prisoner, and all the checkers are removed from the board. The game is prohibited from making a suicidal move, when the group loses all points of freedom. This is permissible only in the case when, due to a surrender of the enemy will be harmed.
     The goal - to capture and monitor large areas and stones than your opponent.

Control of the game: mouse.