Two checkers, play checkers with a friend on one computer online

Checkers for two

     You half and half of me!
     One of the most popular in the virtual world of flash games have become Checkers for two, first mentioned in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.
     The secret is a special popularity among young people, hardly aware of the epochal battle Soviet grandmaster Andris Andreiko and Dutchman Tony Sijbrands very simple. Checkers for two is not only alive and very dynamic, but also by the degree of excitement and importance of tactical and strategic thinking, somewhat reminiscent of ... "military" online games!
     Checkers are arranged in three rows on the 64-cell two-tone (black and white cells) board . At the start of each contestant (one plays the white pieces, the other - black) has 12 "ordinary" and equal in value checkers. "Walk" is possible only on the diagonal and forth. But "hack" (or "is") other people's drafts, and with several at once, you can even earlier. Voluntarily give up the "happy" opportunities "dine" is impossible - on pain of losing their already checkers.
     If the sword of one of the players, breaking all box, it is important to set foot on the last half of the horizontal field of the enemy, it soon turns into the most dangerous weapon or instrument drafts called "king." Here is an analogue of the chess queen has a truly limitless gaming authority.
     wins the game (battle) is the player who has ever eaten or immobilize all drafts opponent, or forced him to give up because of their unconditional advantage.

Control of the game: mouse.