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International drafts

     International checkers - a version of the board game. It got its spread in France in the 18th century, there is another name of "Polish checkers." Because of this, many consider it the birthplace of Poland, which is slightly incorrect. History tells us that there is a player decided to slightly change the rules of this fun and change the number of pieces. While the Polish inventor lived in France. Unfortunately, his name is unknown, but it was he who brought innovation and created a new and unique game of checkers. After it became known in France and began to spread around the world. International drafts are very popular in the Netherlands.
     After some time, began to organize tournaments and meeting players from around the world. In the countries of the Soviet Union, this entertainment became known in the 30s of the twentieth century. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 began to organize championships and tournaments in Russia among men and women. However, the very first tournament began in 1954 in Leningrad.
     stokletochnyh checkers rules are similar to conventional Russian. The only difference, perhaps, is the size of the board, as well as the number of pieces in the initial location. On board there are 17 diagonals. Participants in the game is dealt twenty pieces, one - white, another - black. Location checkers looks in this order: four rows of black bars horizontally on each side.

Control of the game: mouse.