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Russian Checkers

     A special place in a variety of Flash games presented on the network, take checkers. Russian Checkers are the most popular and in demand among residents of Russia and CIS countries. Under Russian checkers game is meant precisely this kind of checkers. Emphasizes its difference, for example, international checkers, in which there are one hundred and playing cells, rather than just the location.
     Uncomplicated to mind this game with careful consideration becomes more interesting and deep, addictive in itself. Standard Russian checkers game board consists of 64 cells (32 light and dark, respectively), the field size - 8 × 8, only each player will be 12 pieces (one player - white, while the second - black).
     The rules of the game are simple, even a young child will understand them for half an hour. By tradition, the first move is made ​​by a player with white checkers. Ordinary checkers produce moves forward only one square at dark squares of the board. They also beat only forward. After hitting checkers on the last cell of the opponent, it automatically becomes a "king" can go and beat in any desired direction by black fields and any number of squares.
     The game interface is quite friendly. He has good graphics, includes music and other effects, the gameplay dynamic. The design is simple, uncluttered, distracting from the game.
     The goal - to remove all the opponent's checkers, or block past so that he had no choice but to surrender.

Control of the game: mouse.