Checkers on the web, play checkers on the Internet for free

Checkers on the web

     Checkers on the network - one of the oldest in the world of sports and intellectual, who was born, according to archaeologists and historians, before our era.

     After the first complete game, called "Alquerque" much later received its present name "Checkers" - in the form of boards and chips in the box in two colors (usually black and white), were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs.
     There are other modern counterparts checkers - Russian and stokletochnyh (international). One of them mentioned the ancient Greek Plato, who wrote about the game with the Moon and Hermes. Similar Checkers Romans were called "Ludus latrunculorum." Playing checkers, to be exact - in "Tavlya" and on the territory of ancient Russia. But they are particularly popular in Russia. Not casually, the strongest players in the world at one time it was considered numerous Soviet grandmasters - Andris Andreiko, Anatoly Gantvarg, Iser Kuperman, Alexei Chizhov, Zoya Golubeva, Tatiana Teterina and others.
     With the advent of the Internet network checkers, as another very popular flash game that resembles a real battle of the mind, mindfulness and reaction spread among Internet users. The main plus of the virtual game is that checkers have not only all the necessary attributes it to compete in the "online", but also a possible rival to chat.

Control of the game: mouse.