Playing in the Giveaway, Giveaway play checkers online free


     The name "giveaway" speaks for itself: the winner in this game is the one who was able to quickly and accurately "succumb" to the enemy and get rid of all the figures. Such games have in cards and chess. But the most familiar and the most favorite for many kind of "giveaway" are drafts.
     "The game of give-away" often called "reverse checkers." After all, the task of the tournament is not the creation and preservation of most of your checkers on the board, and vice versa. Any way to create a situation in which the enemy will be obliged to make a move in your favor, that is, to destroy the bomb. Moreover, in the "giveaway" stores the rules under which the player does not appear alternative moves: he has to "have a bomb." Only here they acquire a different meaning.
     At first glance, "reverse checkers" seem easy, fun game that does not require any thinking strategies and moves. Many who thinks so, are deeply mistaken. "Giveaway" is not so simple, however look. Faster to "feed" their pieces, each player must poraskinut brains. It is not always quick decisions will have a proper result. Therefore, the "giveaway" have a circle of lovers who, through long experience, able to become champions. You can fight with them to try their luck and show off your skills.

Control of the game: mouse.