Chapaev game, play online for free Chapaev

The game Chapaev

     Just remember the children's board game of checkers, which in turn schelbany for stray pieces of the enemy. Flash game far removed from their desktop counterparts. Only become more convenient, because of click here do not have to search for bombs all over the room. Just left-click on the part of the checkers on which you would hit a reality. One click, and faithful soldier flies into the enemy camp, knocking down everything in its path.
     The chips are decorated in red and white colors, respectively. Checkers user - red, because red Chapaev was commander who on all fronts oppressed white army. This concept is reflected in the game, and Chapaev. Play against the computer or a real opponent. Change Player by clicking on the image of the person or computer at the bottom of the playing area. Here is located the scoreboard showing the score (the number of remaining checkers both players).
     The strength of the attack on the chip and its flight range is directly dependent on how close to the edge of the checkers you hit. Lowest flying speed when you hit the very center. Direction - the opposite of the impact site, and is a straight line to the enemy's chips.
     The goal - to knock out of the playing area all opponent's checkers, knocking them their own chips.

Control of the game: mouse.