Go online to play the game of GO with the computer for two free

Go game

     Go - a popular game in China and among the inhabitants of Asia. This game compared to the complexity of chess and checkers. It may be a huge number of various positions, this number is so large that it exceeds the number of atoms in the solar system.
     In our online version of the game of Go, there are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. And also you have the opportunity to play against the computer or with a friend for two. We add that here there is the observation mode, meaning you can watch the battle of computers.
     To win you need to first make a series of 5 stones, make it pretty difficult. For beginners, we recommend to choose light level, or use the in-game tips to quickly understand the winning strategy. To always win in this puzzle game, try to put three stones in a row, and that this situation was your turn.

Control of the game: mouse.