Classic checkers, play puzzle game classic checkers 64 online

Classic Checkers

     64 Checkers - a classic game for two people, the game takes place on a chessboard. Terms of identical real. Ie checker should always beat checker, you should always beat most, king must also beat most. Kings advantage is that it can go back - forward to any number of cells.
     In the data Checkers you can play online with your computer or with a friend for two. The game has two difficulty levels: easy and medium. Tips are not provided. Plus, this program is that you do not have to wait long for an answer machine, it goes almost instantly. The red line above shows the progress of thinking computer.
     The interface is a simple flash game, dominated by dark colors, so if you can not see properly checkers add brightness to your PC. The first move of white, so the battle!

Control of the game: mouse.