Chinese Checkers, Chinese Checkers play online for free

Chinese Checkers

     Flash game "Chinese Checkers" - free browser game, which is not inferior to their real desktop counterparts. You can play against a computer program, or against real opponents, as you like.
     The game is called Chinese Checkers, but is more commonly known simply as the game balls. Its simple rules. Playing field is a geometrically precise six-pointed star. You can play against different number of opponents of the number from one to five players. The greater the number of colored balls located on the star, the more difficult and exciting game becomes. Then there is less room for maneuver, and the probability of being locked in an awkward position increases. But can also be done with the opponent's pieces, securing thus a good head start.
     In Chinese checkers game board has a lot of empty recesses, which are placed in the game balls. The ball goes through only one pocket, that is, to execute a course, you need to jump over the next piece in the empty slot. The ball, which was made ​​after the jump, it does not disappear. You can jump through the chips not only his but also the enemy. The main thing - behind the ball must stand empty slot.
     Features - the pockets are located is not linear, and staggered. Therefore, users who are accustomed to the classic checkers, some time is lost. However, such non-standard scheme soon addictive, and you begin to get the game a real pleasure. All manipulations are performed with the mouse.
     The goal of the game - the first result of their chips on the enemy (the opposite corner of the star).

Control of the game: mouse.