Checkers - English Draughts play without registration

Checkers - Russian Checkers

     The game uses a standard field for a game of checkers 8 × 8. Playing on black diagonal cells in the initial position of each enemy by 12 pieces, arranged in 3 rows. Here, the first course for the black chips.
     Ordinary checkers can move only one square. In the game, they beat and move forward. Reaching the cells at the enemy zone, chip becomes "king", and here it is possible to unburden himself. A king can go back and forth simultaneously collecting a rich harvest of the opponent's checkers.
     Features - if you had the chance to pick up a chip enemy, refuse such an honor will not succeed. Have to "eat" it, even to the detriment of its strategy. If the option to take a few enemy warriors, you can choose any of them, but this way will have to go to the finish.
     Since the game is a browser, then install additional components to it do not have to. All you need - a computer, the Internet and whichever browser. You can play against the computer or a living person without registration. The interface is intuitive and friendly, drawing also on the level.
     The goal - to remove all the opponent's checkers or put them in a position where further moves will become impossible.

Control of the game: mouse.